Residents Over Politics

I am running for the Peoria City Council because the residents of the Mesquite District deserve better representation that they have recently been receiving.

For example, the Mesquite council member walking out of office only a year and four months after being re-elected to a four year term to run for mayor after recruiting a replacement.  The replacement, who took a critical vote against the residents of Mesquite on Planning and Zoning then immediately resigned to be appointed as interim.  

  • I believe citizens deserve elected officials who represent their interests not special interests; who put their commitment to their constituents above their personal political ambitions.
  • I believe that the residents of Mesquite deserve full and complete disclosure about development projects that will greatly and possibly adversely affect their quality of life.
  • I believe that the citizens of Mesquite deserve better than political backroom deals.
  • I believe the voters deserve better than elected officials who put wealthy developers’ interests before that of the constituents.
  • I believe that when decisions impact their communities citizens deserve foreknowledge of the plans. They deserve better notice, discussions and debates than the minimum that the law requires.
  • I believe voters deserve a City Council that respects their vote on propositions, bonds and spending initiatives, not find a different way to fund what the voters rejected.

Involve Those Who Are Impacted

The City of Peoria sends out “public service” mailers, presumably to all the residents of the city, about such topics as water resources.

One must then wonder why the city is unwilling to send similar mailers, about commercial projects and zoning changes, to a significantly smaller number of residents which will dramatically impact their residential communities.

When questioned a council member stated the City did “what was required by law” i.e. the minimum.

Our citizens deserve better than the lowest standards of notice.

Police Are Understaffed

One of the primary duties of government, at every level, is to protect its citizens.

Public safety has NOT been a priority of the current Peoria City Council members. While claiming our police to be fully staffed, the reality is that the current council members have set “fully staffed” at levels far below comparable cities. While cities such as Glendale or Scottsdale have, on average, almost 3 officers per thousand residents, our city council deems full staffing to be slightly over 1 officer per thousand residents.

While the city has grown significantly in population and developed areas the size of our police force has not increased accordingly.

Single Focus

One thing I have always found disconcerting is that under Arizona law an elected official is not required to resolve a conflict of interest rather merely disclose the conflict of interest. 

A prime example is the relationship between the City of Peoria, the Cactus League, a former council member and city employee that are all intermingled.

This isn’t in the best interest of our citizens.  Leaders should hold themselves to the highest levels of transparency and accountability to their constituents. 

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