It is now about 2 hours until the polls close on this Election Day. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for all the wonderful volunteers I have had along the way – talking to […]
The majority of our city council, including Mesquite District's appointed councilmember Brad Shafer, ignored their constituents and voted in favor of a developer’s special interests and profits for the “Old Town Redevelopment” agreement.
On Sept 29th, 22 the Peoria Independent posted a second article to give residents another opportunity to learn more about the Mesquite District candidates. Here's my full response to the questionnaire.
AzCentral news recently queried candidates about their positions facing the City of Peoria leadership. Below is my submission in full which couldn't be included in the summary article.
I am so honored to have overwhelming been chosen by the Mesquite Precinct Committeemen & Committeewomen as their candidate on the GOP Arizona Golden Ticket!
The Peoria Independent invites candidates to provide answers to questions as part of their coverage of our local communities upcoming elections and so voters can get to know the candidates. For those of you who do not subscribe or otherwise have a chance to read the Independent I thought I'd share my full response.


Great transparency and insights by Peoria Police in Arizona.