Why I’m Running

We need a council that reflects the vision and needs of our citizens and respects decisions they make with the ballot box.

The first role of government, at any level, is to protect its citizens.
Peoria’s police and fire have been understaffed and underpaid for too long.
Growth needs community involvement by people who are actually impacted. 
Budgets should consider recession risks and impacts. 

Part of correcting this is appropriate economic growth otherwise *everything* is on the backs and out of the pockets of our taxpayers.
We need a city council that has a vision for growth in the best interests of our citizens, with input from our citizens early and often in the course of projects.
I never envisioned or considered myself as a “politician” but I suppose after having been elected and serving on the Peoria School Board and as AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction I’ve earned the label. However I obviously haven’t learned the most important lessons to most politicians – getting re-elected and climbing UP the political ladder not down!
To me it has never been about political aspirations but rather how can I serve my community.
That is why I am running for Peoria City Council to represent the Mesquite District.

Public Service

Governing Board

Peoria Unified School District Governing Board
2005 – 2012 Board
2008-2009 President

State Office

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction 2015-2018


Desert Valley Parent Teacher Student Association Treasurer 1997-2000

School Site Council

Ironwood High School PUSD
Desert Valley Elementary PUSD

Education Board

Apostle’s Lutheran Church Board of Education 2009-2013

Education Board

Apostle’s Lutheran Preschool Board 2012-2013

Professional & Personal

I bring a unique mix of community focus and corporate experience to representing the citizens of Peoria in the Mesquite District. 

International Accounting

Financial Analyst in International Accounting, Fortune 500 Company

Bachelors Science

Bachelors of Science in Marketing. Rutgers University.

Business degree

Associates degree in Business from Somerset County College (now Raritan Valley)

32 Years in ARizona

Arizona resident since 1990. Born in New Jersey.  Married 35+ years.  Stained glass artist & instructor.

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