We need a council that reflects the vision and needs of our citizens and respects decisions they make with the ballot box.

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I am so honored to have overwhelming been chosen by the Mesquite Precinct Committeemen & Committeewomen as their candidate on the GOP Arizona Golden Ticket!
Az Police Association endorses Diane Douglas for Peoria City Council
The AZ Police Association and Peoria Police Officer Association endorse Diane Douglas for Peoria City Council.
I was recently contacted by Phil Haldiman of the Peoria Independent regarding […]


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Arizona Police Assoc. &  Peoria Police Officer Assoc.

Corrine “Corky” Haynes

LD28 Precinct Committeewoman & Az Grass Root Granny

Shani Olexa

GOP Precinct Captain & WestWing Resident

Dr. Peter Pingerelli

Governing Board Member

Beverly Pingerelli

Az State Representative
Peoria Governing Board Member

Golden Ticket

Republican Party of Arizona

Jeff DeWitt

Az State Treasurer 2015-2018


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